A Nice Day for A Cheap Wedding

Why You Should Be a Budget Bride.

Let’s start with my ultra fab wedding. Hello June 23, 2014, a rainy day in Louisville, KY. A dashing new husband, a slutty dress, my mother-in-law playing photographer, and my father-in-law officiating. A hearty 4 person wedding. A little rain had us getting married under the court house awning. The COURT HOUSE?! Yes, the court house, somewhere I said I would NEVER get married.

The whole wedding cost about $300. An extreme budget wedding you could say. We did not go on a honeymoon, no engagement ring, and no reception with friends. Why would I settle for such a thing? Well, love. And some really great insurance. Shout out to the military.

Being a budget bride says many things to your friends and family. Maybe you decided to elope, maybe your family doesn’t have a lot of money, maybe you are saving your friends from having to spend a lot of money, or sit through an awful and long ceremony, maybe you’re spending your money in other places like a new house. Not spending a ton says a lot about you as a person and a couple. Something simple and beautiful is perfect. Your wedding day is about just one thing.. You! You and the person you are marrying and the start of your life together. It is not for putting on a show for your guests.

I know a lot of brides disagree, they say that you only get married once so it should be a big deal… even though 50% of marriages fail. I would much rather have a healthy marriage and a healthy savings account then spend money on a one day wedding show. But, that’s just me.

I could not have been happier doing the ceremony our way. We had a blast and laughed through the vows we had written for each other which were wicked awesome. “By THE BEARD OF ZEUS I know pronounce you husband and wife!”


Happy Wedding Season! Cheers! 

Drink of the Day!

Gin and Tonic (simple and elegant) I DO NOT know how every bar messes this drink up. It is incredibly simple. 


3 ozs of Rangpur Gin or regular gin (Tanqueray)
2 Ice Cubes
½ lime

Pour gin in a tumbler, add two ice cubes, pour cold tonic over until almost full. Squeeze lime juice into glass and pop the lime right into the glass. Crisp and Refreshing. #g&t


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