Pinterest and Your Slimy Ways.

Dear Pinterest,
I will never live up to your pinteresty standards.

-The Pressure of Pinterest and Being Crafty-

I would love my house to look like a ‘For the Home’ Pinterest board but I am no Martha Stewart. So I try to take on small projects. Pinterest and its frilly ways pulls you in with “fun”, “easy” diy projects that leave normal people crying on the floor covered in glitter.


I tried wreath making.
It looks okay.. I guess, except the bottom is falling out.


Cake making.
That time I made a cake and all of my frosting rolled off. I thought it would be fun to do a chocolate marshmallow fluff icing… I was wrong. ALWAYS go buttercream. This is where my dream died to work for Duff Goldman.

I go on Pinterest splurges. Either I am on it everyday for weeks or I have not been on in months. I start pinning and get so many ideas for things I would LOVE to do in my home. And then reality sets in. I’m just not that crafty. For you ladies and gents that are, I commend you.

I will be sticking to Pinterest for drink ideas.

Thankfully we don’t all need to be crafty, good at cooking, or designing. Just be interesting and maybe try a few Pinterest projects at least once. Who knows you could be great!

Cocktail time.. after this post I am going to need it!

The Pinterest Fail

Photo and Recipie: Bakingbeauty

8 Fresh Blueberries
2 Ounces Rum
8 Fresh Mint Leaves
2 1/2 TBS Sugar
2 TBS lime Juice
2 TBS Club Soda
Ice Cubes


  1.  Muddle blueberries, sugar, lime juice, and sugar.
  2. While muddling the mint and sugar, break the glass, get frustrated.
  3. Yell out “OH THE HUMANITY!”
  4. Give up, grab a new glass, pour 2 fingers of bourbon.


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