Top 5 Cocktails at 24

At 24 I have experimented with a lot of different cocktails. Different alcohols, bitters, and liqueurs, and have come up with my favorites. I still have a lot left to learn about mixology and crafting. Three of my drinks are timeless classics, they’re just good.

5. Blueberry Mojito
This is one of the greatest summer cocktails. Rum being the base just brings you right to the tropics. Mojitos are a wonderful fresh drink add some fresh wild blueberries and your mouth is in heaven. Mint, blueberry, and lime, nuff said.

WordPress thinks mojito is spelled wrong. Get with it guys.

4. Manhattan
Bourbon. Living in Louisville, Kentucky we are near a lot of distilleries and good bourbon.  I believe this is the best bourbon cocktail out there. Smooth and elegant while still letting the caramel bourbon notes shine through. Originating at the Manhattan club in New York City in 1870, this drink is a classic.

3. Tom Collins
So simple, reminds me of an adult sprite but way better. If you have not had a Tom Collins order one or make one. Now.
A beautiful harmony between gin, simple syrup, fresh lemon, soda, and a cherry garnish. The drink gets better as you move towards the maraschino cherry at the bottom.

2. Dirty Martini (extra dirty)
cropped-20160520_184339.jpg‘Shaken not stirred’ I like your style Bond.
The only savory cocktail of the bunch. Sometimes you are just not in the mood for a sweet cocktail. This is my go to. Salty, dry, and piney. Must love gin. Must love green olives. The pinnacle of a classic savory.

1. Pimm’s Cup

My version of the Pimm’s Cup (the Pimp’s Cup).
Bursts of lemon, slightly sweet, with a spiced gin tail. There is nothing else like it. Everyone I have made this drink for has loved it. This is my go to on a day to day especially during summer. It is a beautifully fresh and strong. A great drink for a hot summer day. Grab the recipe here!

Cheers friends! Have a happy weekend!


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